On the arrival of meridional Spring of 1991, a few young musicians joined with the intention of interpreting old master pieces by the great composers of universal music. Sounded like a noble idea considering the predominating local cultural context. But nothing radically uncommom, except the mutual curiosity of its participants in experimenting the sound textures resulting from substituting electric guitars and basses for the violins, violas, cellos and double basses; and synthesizers for the harpsichord and wind instruments.

A small repertoire of just over half an hour and reduced number of rehersals did not discourage the group that called itself Orquestra Profana, and in the impetus to show its music to the rest of the planet, immediately made its first performance in a public school in Porto Alegre. Four days later, a second appearance (see picture), now outdoors to a dozen people patiently seated in front of a record store. Soon the Orquestra Profana was being booked for concerts here and there.

In January 1992, four months after the first rehearsal, the group was already performing in the main local TV network (RBS). Now the set list included Mozart, Bach, Pachelbel, Mussorgsky and Paganini, but the main opus was "The Four Seasons" by Antonio Vivaldi, which had its descriptive character explained to the public: "...the third movement portrays a summer rainstorm... Now a hunting party, you will be able to hear horns, the gunshots, the hare fleeing and its death at the end..."

Some moments stand out in the brief history of Orquestra Profana (1991-1995):

- A performance (in a pub!!!) side by side with a conventional string quartet;

- Invited by RBS, a performance of excerpts of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons in the Botanic Garden for the coming of Spring, trasmitted live to southern Brazil;

- a concert side by side with a string orchestra at the Assembleia Legislativa theater performing several pieces, among them Vivaldi's The Four Seasons with Zozimo Rech playing the solo part on the electric guitar;

- a special appearance in V Jornada Nacional da Literatura in Passo Fundo, Brazil. In this occasion Orquestra Profana received the 1993 Vasco Prado award.

Orquestra Profana's chronological info


"The Four Seasons" by Vivaldi - The Summer, 3rd movement

..........Vasco Prado Award